376. The Forsaken Hearts Cave


Hidden away in a small dark cave overlooking the Aswala Stables in the Alik’r Desert, a Deadric Harvester named Korignah works in furtive solitude to open a portal to Oblivion, believing that the Worm Cultists persistent attempts to open a Dark Anchor in the hollow below will keep the Fighter’s Guild from discovering it’s nefarious intent.

Daedric Harvesters are masters of conjuration and illusion, and are capable of draining the very vitality from their adversaries into dark orbs, which they then absorb into themselves through the air. Despite their huge size, or perhaps because of it, they struggle when faced with swift blade and agile foot; although one should resist the temptation to battle the Harvester face to face however, for their Black Winter illusion spell has been the downfall of many an over-confident warrior.


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