377. Sep’s Spine



In the lawless wastes of the Alik’r Desert, bandit gangs are rarely, if ever, caught or brought to justice. Not because it is not known that they are bandits, or that people do not witness the crimes that they commit, but because there is no civic guard or soldiery to enforce law and order in these anarchic lands, and the bandits themselves are often seen by the desert’s natives as liberators and protectors from corrupt officials and wandering outlaws. They are often viewed as vigilante entrepreneurs and opportunists, heroes to the downtrodden and forgotten of the shifting sands. But mostly, it is because everyone knows you cannot accuse them of banditry and live.

Thus this band of brigands that calls themselves the Ungodly, feel secure in their camp high atop the plateaus of Sep’s Spine, operating without fear of justice or reprisal.

The plateau itself, named perhaps because the surrounding rock ridges resemble the coiled skeleton of a snake, offers the bandits remarkable views of the docks at Tava’s blessing, the school at Leki’s Blade, the Aswala Stables, and all the important roads and wayshrines of the Northern Alik’r.

It would seem the Ungodly hold an almost impregnable position in the desert badlands, yet the story of the Yokudan god Sep teaches us that it may well be the insatiable greed of the bandits themselves that will lead to their eventual, inevitable demise.


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