384. A vampire with ambition


At the temple school of Leki’s Blade, I read an old story about a notorious local vampire by the name of Feremuzh. Fettered as they were by their own traditions, the people of the desert could not slay the monster, so instead buried it in a ‘tomb of earth for time eternal’.

If my journey through the Alik’r has taught me anything, it’s that nothing stays buried for long under these shifting sands, especially the dead.


In the depths of Coldrock Diggings, I discover an ancient vampire feeding upon the fresh corpses of Withered Hand emissaries. At my sudden appearance, one of her lackeys nearby calls to her… ‘Feremuzh’. Could this be that same dread vampire of Redguard lore, unwittingly unearthed by the excavations of miners, and now regaining her strength, in both vitality and followers?

Whilst the vampire in the tale was male, the author was likely chronicling a campfire tale and the monsters gender was but a presumption. Of course the name could be but a coincidence, or perhaps this vampire knew her lore, and took the name in homage?


Only one thing I know for certain, that this is a vampire with ambition, and such a creature is far too dangerous to ever be allowed to see the light of the two moons.



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