385. The Giant’s Camp


Whilst occasionally Giants have been seen as far south as Bangkorai and Cyrodiil, it is rare to find them traveling beyond the natural borders of Wrothgar or Skyrim.  Thus when I rode towards a bonfire in the hills as the last rays of sun trickled beneath the far horizon, I was surprised to discover a lone Giant tending camp this far deep into the Hollow Wastes of the Alik’r.

Standing beyond twice my height the brute was initially as startled as I, but he already had his bone-headed club at hand and took but two of a giant’s strides to close upon me; I had little option but to draw my sword and shield to defend myself.

It was only later that I learnt from locals that the Giant they called ‘Lonely Papa’ had made his home in the hills many years ago.  Initial attempts to drive it away had ended gravely, but as time passed the locals realised the giant wanted as little to do with them, as they with him, and so they settled into an unspoken concord of avoidance.

The giant rarely strayed from its camp during daylight, only venturing into the sands at night to trap scorpion, skeever, or desert jackal.  Whilst he was often spotted collecting water in two hefty mammoth water-skins as far south as the Goat’s Head Oasis, he would stay well clear of the roads and always managed pass by the settlements at Bergama and Leki’s Blade unseen.

Alas then for the foolish wayfarers haphazardly traversing the sands at night who stumble upon his camp and disturb his solitude… and alas for Lonely Papa that tonight that fool was I.


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