401. Volenfell 3 – Under an iridescent sky



Deeper into the ruins of Volenfell we delve, the rose-tinted skeleton of this once great Dwemer city refusing to fully surrender to the insatiable voracity of the desert.

We walk down broken pathways covered in brittle slate and ashen sands, past the hollow façades of what may once have been temples, workshops, storerooms and homes. We walk under collapsed columns and crumbling archways, and through halls and corridors built into the canyon walls, littered with metal wheels and cogs belonging to steam machines whose purpose was we know not what.

Back we emerge into the canyon under an iridescent sky, and as we delve deeper still into the bleak ruins my Redguard companions bow their heads in sorrow; perhaps in remembrance of a people lost, or perhaps reminded of their own tomorrow.


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