410. The return of the wards



The Wards are returned to the ‘Impervious Vaults’ beneath Sentinel and the spirits of the Ansei will resume their vigil guarding the living from the dead, and the dead from the living.

No doubt King Fahara’jad will return to the circus of court life, juggling the conflicting demands of Crown, Forebear, and Covenant. Zohreh and Gabrielle will return to their books, one studying what has been, and the other searching for what might be

Talia and the Ash’abah tribe will return to their exile in the desert wastes, without recognition or thanks from the thousands of people they have saved; it will take a very brave, or perhaps foolish King to publicly acknowledge the sacrifice of the Ash’abah.

As for myself, I have been asked to travel to Evermore in Northen Bangkorai, something about a dead monarch and a city under threat. As ever the price of strength is responsibility, but I am sure the price of my responsibility can be negotiated.

First however I think I will pay a long overdue visit to an old man in a cave.


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