411. Brain or brawn


Back at the Harbourage and I find the former companions bickering like Orcish hearth-wives. Tharn and the old man believe they have located the final member of their companions, who is reputedly the only person who knows the location of the Amulet of Kings. The Redguard Sai Sahan is being held captive in the Halls of Torment, another of Molag Bal’s prisons in Coldharbour. The old man says he can get me inside the prison but I must choose one of the other companions to accompany me.

The choice I am offered is between brain or brawn, magic or muscle, knowledge or loyalty. However, the only choice I see that matters is between cynicism or sentimentality; and for one willingly walking into a torture chamber, I’ll take a cold-hearted staff over a maudlin sword every time.


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