422. The maddening circle


After thousands of years the majestic isle of Eyevea is finally returned to its home in the Abecean Sea.

The ancient Arch-Mage Shalidor greets us upon our arrival, but he is not here alone. The island has returned from Oblivion occupied by a host of Sheogorath’s insidious daedra, and Shalidor is keen to evict these most unwelcome guests from his sanctuary.

Also returning from the daedric realm are the huge mushroom trees native to the Shivering Isles, which now predominate Eyevea’s gardens and surrounding hillsides. Most of the island’s architecture however has remained surprisingly unchanged during its decampment from Nirn; the soaring spires and graceful arches of the halls, bridges and outbuildings reflecting perfectly the Altmeri heritage of their Summerset neighbours.

One last uninvited, if not wholly unexpected guest however, is Sheogorath himself. The Mad God could never let his game end without making the final play. And so to complete this maddening circle he offers one last obliquitous bargain.


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