423. Our conscience is the armour of our souls


The Daedric Princes think themselves as Gods to mortals. To some of them we are little more then amusements, to others we are but subjects and vassals to exploit. Some treat us like pets, others like farm animals. Some of them want to control us, whilst others destroy. But the one thing we are to all of them, is a frustration.

We are a friction of animal instinct and conscience. Our instincts they seek to exploit, arouse, influence and manipulate, but our conscience they cannot. They are certain it should be a weakness, so they seek to test it, to breach it, to undermine it at every opportunity. But what they fail to understand is that it is tested everyday by ourselves. There is no witness so honest, no accuser so candid, and no judge so harsh as our own conscience.


Sheogorath will return to the Shivering Isles, no doubt he will delight in the games he played, in tormenting Shalidor, in corrupting Valaste, and in manipulating me. Yet in a quiet moment of reflection one thing will vex him… I did not hesitate.


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