425. Reachmen at the gates


To the northeast of Evermore, a tribe of Reachmen have overrun the Northglen farmstead and are almost at the very gates of the city. For now Captain Eugien Gaercroft and his guard are valiantly holding the Northern road against them.

They came under the cover of darkness catching the guards unprepared. One would have expected at least one or two of the civilians to have survived the attack and fled to the city, but none came. Scouts were sent into the night including the Captain’s own daughter to rescue any survivors and discover what foul acts the Reachmen were performing in the fields, but by morning they have not returned either.

Without relief I fear how much longer the guard can stand against the the squall of the Reach and an ever increasing army of Bloodthorn zombies gathering in such numbers that I’ve not seen since the blight at Eagle’s Brook.


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