426. The Glenmoril Wyrd 

If anything, the Wyrd sisters I meet outside an old Ayleid ruin in Bangkorai are even more brusque and boorish then the Beldama Wyrd of Glenumbra. They care little for the affairs of men and mer so long as it doesn’t encroach upon their forests. For them, Evermore is as an unwelcome and untrustworthy a neighbour as the Orcs of Wrothgar, or the Witchmen of High Rock.

Yet even they now see the threat posed to their lands by the vile Reach magics being practised in the fields of the Northglen Farm, as their own ancient Wyrd magics fail to repel it. The insatiable hunger of the Bloodthorn zombies being raised by these Dark Witnesses would soon gorge upon all life in their Viridian Woods like a pack of starved skeevers in a Bosmer’s pantry.


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