431. Wispmother of a Silaseli dream


As I wander the Silaseli dreamscape searching for the lost emotions of the Breton mage, I spy the wraith-like figure of a Wispmother gliding with forlorn grace through the ancient ruins.

The nature of the Wispmother has always been more speculation then certainty, for example, some cultures believe that these mournful figures are the vengeful ghosts of women wronged in life, whilst others hold that they are in fact the last fading remnants of a lost Merithic race of elves. Others still have speculated that they were a first era coven of female necromancers who, much like a Lich, achieved their goal of eternal life through undeath. Finally, and perhaps the most widespread held theory, is that they are elemental manifestations of Nirn itself, similar to Spriggans.

What we do know of them is that, again like Spriggan, to human eyes they always manifest in a female form, and can usually be found near areas of magicical or mystical significance, such as here at the Alyleid ruins of Siliesta.

As I get closer I become aware of the azure tinted wisps dutifully attending her; it is these same enchanting wisp-lights that are said to draw the Wispmother’s victims to her. Some have speculated that the wisps are actually the beguiled spirits of her former victims forever enslaved to her in the afterlife; their only hope of release coming with the demise of their dreadful muse. However, it is now more commonly accepted that they are but conjurations summoned by the Wispmothers themselves; although I do recall whilst traveling through northern Stormhaven seeing wisps roam freely along the coast without a Wispmother in sight.

When she finally notices my cautious approach the Wispmother screeches like a startled Bantam Guar and suddenly under the hateful glare of those shriven eyes the air about me turns deathly cold. I quickly have to ready my shield to defend against both the Wispmother and her ethereal wisps.

Soon I am under attack from all angles, as first wisplights fall like rain from above, and then the Wispmother herself seems to split into three as two identical shades appear and I am defending myself on three fronts. Whilst these shades are dangerous and one can quickly find oneself overwhelmed, it is important to remember that it little more then an illusion aimed to confuse, rather like a sea-dog on a pier with three shells and a pebble, the trick is to find the correct shell.

As I finally manage to strike her down, I become enrapt in the sight of a solitary silver tear falling down her pale face. Her cry is no longer hateful, but a mournful wail, and as she evaporates into mist upon the breeze before my eyes, the air about feels dreadfully heavy, as if weighed down with sorrow. I look down and all that is left of the wispmother and her wisps is a single lucent tear.

I cannot pretend to know more then a scholar and thus will not speculate as to the true nature of the Wispmother. But what I do know is that whilst the Wispmother seems to us a most terrible, and fearful creature… for a moment after her fall, it felt as if Nirn itself mourned her loss.





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