433. The Wyrd camp

Of the Wyrd sisters nothing can be certain.

At a Wyress camp in the Viridian Woods I am welcomed to the forest, but am also warned that the creatures of the forest are neither enemies nor friends, but only hunters and prey.

These Wyrd sisters claim to speak for the forest as they see themselves as not just its guardians, but as being ‘of the forest’ itself. Indeed they claim direct lineage from the Ehlnofey, and that it was Y’ffre who charged them to become the wardens of nature. Yet some locals accuse them of witchery, and of worshipping the daedric prince Hircine.

Perhaps this is just the visible Wyrd, the guards of the forest edge as it were. For all I see here in this sparse camp are strong young women, no sign of children, no elderly, no men. Most ignore my questions, but the few who are open to talking of their past tell of being born in cities and towns, of being rescued and brought up in the wilds by their sisters. These Wyrd sisters are an enigma, do they worship the forest, protect it, or are they indeed part of it?

Nature is full of mysteries, of awe, of grace and of wonder, and the Wyrd are certainly that.


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