446. Bisnensel


This once majestic city was thought to have been built equal parts above and below the Halcyon Lake by an Ayleid clan who fled north from the great slave uprisings of Cyrodiil early in the first era. Their ruler at that time was one Laloriaran Dynar, who would later become known as the Last King of the Ayleids; that very same ‘Ayleid king’ I met on the haunted battlefields of the Glenumbria Moors.

Some time after the city’s founding however, cultists worshipping the daedric lord of fate and knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, would rise up against Dynar’s ruling family and drive them from their own city. Thousands of years later, and now the spiritual successors to those cultists, the Primal Seekers, have themselves been driven from the crumbling subterranean halls of Bisnensel, by a water spirit and her disciples, seeking knowledge forbidden to mortals.

This spirit, an ancient nereid the Rain Makers call Lorelia, endeavours to create a water stone, a powerful relic that could help foster life here in Mournoth for many thousands of years to come; surely a noble cause?! For the desert to the south is inexorably expanding, and someday it will consume this life sustaining lake along with the verdant forests of Northern Bangkorai and all that live here.

Yet is it not the natural progression for this land to evolve into a desert? Is this spirit of the Halcyon Lake fighting for nature, or against it?


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