447. Bisnensel 2: A thirst for knowledge


I discover the Water Spirit of the Halcyon Lake is stealing her disciples memories in order to create her water stone. The memories will be lost to them forever, making her followers, both free-willing and forced, little more then the automatons of the Dwemer. Hermaeus Mora is little better. He claims not to care for the individual yarns of mortals, only the tapestry that they weave. To both the nereid and the daedric prince their followers are but sheep, cattle and guar.


Lorelia holds self-preservation above all else, even nature, she possesses neither compassion nor comprehension. Knowledge and wisdom are two separate things; anyone can gain knowledge, but one needs to gain an understanding of it. This nereid can see only what her mind is prepared to comprehend and that is why she must be stopped.


As for Hermaeus Mora, today he may get to keep his precious knowledge hidden, but it is always present. It is only a mater of time before it is found by thirsty mortals minds, or perhaps one day the insatiable desert that Lorelia is trying to stop will devour these ruins and his forbidden knowledge will be lost forever; what need then will Tamriel have for Hermaeus Mora.


It is with glorious irony that I entered the halls of Bisnelsel on a fine sunny day, and yet emerge just as the rains of a storm began to fall.


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