448. You too, neighbour?


For a generation the residents of Mucien’s Hamlet have been peaceable fished from the northern shores of the Halcyon and crossed the lake to sell their catch in Evermore. This despite other nearby villages suffering many Reachmen raids over the years, stealing away their produce, livestock and even children.

But now the Hamlet burns under the Reachman’s torch, and despite all efforts from the Evermore guard to take the village back, the barbarians hold it still, and there are few villagers now left alive.


It has been almost 40 years since the Black Drake’s dread army ravaged and pillaged it’s way across High Rock. When his bloody incursion was to eventually brake upon the gates of Daggerfall, not all the barbarians retreated back to their mountains. There is some evidence that in both Glenumbra and Northern Bangkorai many stayed, either laying roots in the wild fens, or settling amongst the Bretons in community.

But Reach blood runs thick in the veins, and when the Witchmen rode upon the south in number once again, some it seems donned barbaric leathers and furs and joined with their ancestors against their friends and neighbours.

In the feudal society of the Bretons displays of loyalty to ones heritage is oft celebrated, but this, this is nowt but treachery; for whilst treachery aimed at tyranny can be noble, when aimed at friends it is only a cowardice.

The men and women who rode from Evermore to Mucien’s Hamlet were ready to die for their neighbours, but they never realized that it would be those very same neighbours who would be waiting to kill them.


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