449. Where even Reachmen fear to tread


When Uela’s Dark Witnesses invaded Northern Bankorai they sought to overrun every piece of land from the Wrothgar mountains down to the Bjoulsae Bridge; apart that is from one small mine at the foot of the mountains. A wide birth was given to this former iron mine known locally as Torog’s Spite, likely because they’d heard that the Breton’s long ago gave it up to raiders from Wrothgar, and even the most barbaric of Reachmen tribes know better then to enter a dark hole full of Orcs.

In fact there are two Orsimer clans that have taken this mine, and whilst you may not guess it from the shouts, snarls, clash and clangs that echo throughout the close tunnels, these clans are allies with a common enemy. In spite of the signing of the Daggerfall Covenant, the bandits set out to pillage a notable Breton estate in retaliation for one of the countless times that men from High Rock had inflicted outrages upon Wrothgar. Now that the raid is done however, both clans want to take the credit for it, and this it seems has led to tension and brunt which is gradually spilling over into brawl and bloodshed.

It is unwise to get betwixt an Orc and his enemy, and it is twice as foolish still when that enemy is their own kin. Yet I figured with imprudent wisdom that I might be able to sneak through much of the mine unchallenged whilst the bandits were preoccupied with each other. As it turns out the Orc’s hatred for man supersedes even their dislike for one-another, and I soon found myself having to fight through every tunnel and cavern just to make it out alive.


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