450. Queen Arzhula’s Court


I return to Evermore to report the good news of our victory over the Hagraven Uela and her Reachmen, but I find the black banners of mourning still dress the outer walls of the palace, and the Queen’s court is grieving still.


Yet the Queen has news of her own; the Imperial Magus-General, Septima Tharn, has requested a parley. Queen Arzhula believes that Tharn has discovered, just as both the armies of the Orc Warlord Thulgeg, and the Grey Host of Verkarth did in times long past, that the Garrison at Bangkorai Pass is considered unassailable from the South.

Yet Arzhula is no fool and has asked not only myself, but also prominent members of the fighters and mages guilds to accompany her to the parley. It is good to see both Gabrielle and Darien again, very good. In my journey through these troubled lands there are but a handful of people whose intentions I would consider to be indubitable, and also consider to be my friends.


However, both guilds in the past have stated their neutrality in matters of state. Maybe they can argue that in time Septima Tharn’s aggression could be considered a threat to all Tamriel, especially given both her penchant for employing Molag Bal’s daedric forces, and the fate the Imperial City suffers under the Empress Clivia Tharn.

Yet still, whilst the presence of the Guilds is most welcome, I fear perhaps it violates their own integrity.


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