454. Divine serendipity?


At the Pelin Graveyard where the dead are rising from their plots, I find a solitary priest of Arkay praying most intently. I wonder, is he praying for an end to this misery, or for the strength to endure it? Either which, whilst I am pretty sure it is serendipity that has led me here and not some Divine shepherding, it would be a blister upon my conscience if I did not offer the priest what aid I can.

It does make one think however, all those years ago when the Grey Host were about to break the gates of the Bangkorai Garrison and Saint Pelin, then but a lowly church beadle, leapt from the battlements of the garrison into the slaughterous horde of bat-men below. His sacrifice gave the garrison’s soldiers time to reinforce their positions, and eventually lead to the defeat of the insidious host of Verkarth.

Could it have been only serendipity that lead this pious man to the battlements and inspired his act of martyrdom, wherefore even the most devout would have been justified in taking flight at the darkness engulfing the light.

I do not believe in Divine Intervention, rather I believe in people intervening divinely. The priest may argue that is all but semantics, but to a man searching for his soul, it may prove a distinction of cardinal merit.


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