455. Preinrha and the prince


No mater how many dark anchors we repel, or how many daedra we send back to Oblivion with our blades and spells, we can never lower our shields and wards, because the guileful agents of Molag Bal are here amongst us, patiently watching and waiting for opportunities to undermine us. For the longer the Three Banners war rages on, the more vulnerable our homelands become.

Inside the church of Arkay at Pelin Cemetary, the deception and corruptions of one such agent are uncovered. But for a vigilant few, Preinrha the harvester, a daedric servant of the God of Schemes, would have had an undead army led by a noble son of Bangkorai with which to wreck havoc.

With Arkay’s blessing it is time to lay the prince to rest once again.


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