458. The defence of Martyr’s Crossing

The Breton outpost at Martyr’s Crossing in Bangkorai has been raided 3 times in recent days by Imperial pillagers. The Knights that protect the camp are but the remnants of the Order of Saint Pelin, who were forced to retreat from the Bangkorai Garrison when it fell to the Septima Tharn’s infamous Seventh Legion. They have more wounded now then capable and are relying upon support from a band of Baandari merchants to defend their camp. But their supplies are almost gone and soon they will be forced into retreat once again.

The raiders are coming across the lake in boats at night, which means the Imperials have outflanked the Breton knights, either coming from the Viridian Woods to the North, or they have found a clandestine path through the ruins of Arlimahera’s Grip to the east. Either way the Bretons have once again been out-manoeuvred by the superior strategists of the Legion.

There are few that can match the tactical acumen of the Imperial strategist, even a maverick legion like the Seventh takes most pride in a battle won in the measure. Whilst in training for the Legion in Cyrodiil, I remember a plaque on the wall of the barracks which read; ‘To win a war one needs a strong arm to fight it, a strong mind to plan it, and a strong heart that will neither seek death nor flee from it.’

The Baandari people meanwhile are not famed for their benevolence, so it is a wonder that they have stayed so long within a camp that is almost certainly lost. Especially given that this is not their fight, and they’re own losses to the raids are going uncompensated.

But the Baandari are nothing if not pragmatic, for the outpost at Martyr’s Crossing protects the main trade route between High Rock and all of Hammerfell. Not only that, there are rumours that the Orcs of Wrothgar are rebuilding grand Orsinium once again. That would mean an influx of craftsman, labourers, artisans, and merchants from all over Tamriel heading north towards the Merchants Gate; and all will need to pass through the outpost at Martyr’s crossing.


If together they can last the night then there is hope yet, for word has reached the camp that the Lions of Stormhaven have crossed the Bjoulsae.


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