465. Once a legionnaire?



The battle for Bangkorai Garrison rages on in the main courtyard between the forces of High King Emeric and those of the corrupt Seventh Legion. Though we seem to be securing an advantage, every yard we gain is earned by bloody deed. For these legionnaires honourably bequest their last breath to their cause, even though their cause be a dishonourable one. During battle raged is when the loyalty of the legionnaire is proven best.

The question is to whom are the soldiers of the Seventh Legion loyal? Is it to their leader Clivia Tharn, or to their country, forever their heartland no mater it’s leader or state? Or is it to the Seventh itself and their comrades, or to themselves, and their own innate sense of honour?

The detractors of the Legions have always accused them of being enslaved by their own loyalties, but is that such a bad thing? Is nobly dying for ones cause, even an ignoble one, not better then living for no cause at all?


And is this inherent Cyrodilic ambition to expand and conquer not in the very spirit of the most noble St Alessia herself, so that all the peoples of Tamriel may benefit from the protection and shared prosperity of the empire?


Were it not for the claws of Coldharbour dug deep into the spine of the Seventh Legion, I may well have been questioning my own loyalties today.


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