466. The last rites of Battlemage Papus

With the Evermore Guard preoccupied by the Reachman invasion to the North, and Emeric’s Lions still mustering beyond the Bjoulsae River, Septima Tharn jumped rashly upon the back of opportunity, and yet won a remarkable victory.

We are at our most vulnerable in the twilight of our greatest achievements however. and her Seventh Legion failed to hold onto what they had achieved because they overreached and could not reinforce the battlements in time with fresh soldiers or supplies from the south. For all her reputation as a ruthless tactician in battle, Tharn’s ambition, like so many would be conquerors before her, fell to the seduction of that most cruel of sirens, vainglory.


We may have secured the main courtyard but the battle for Bangkorai Garrison is not yet fully won, for the Seventh still hold the Royal Crypts from where they are preparing their final stand. King Emeric urges us forward hoping to catch Septima Tharn before her inevitable retreat, but also fearing what the Imperial necromancers may have planned, for this is also where fallen King Eamond’s corpse was set to be laid to rest.

The Seventh’s final charge is of but green conscripts who fall quickly to our blades upon the bridge, and beyond we meet their final line of defence, daedra summoned from the shadow realms. Whilst not enough to stop our advance, they prove enough to slow us, and alas, I arrive too late to capture Septima. Instead I find one of her officers, a Battlemage named Papus, performing debased rites upon the corpse of the late king.


What wretched crescendo this conductor of insidious rituals has planned I know not what, only that his vile coda must be brought to an close upon the thrust of my sharp baton.


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