470. Rallying against the anchor of the Fallen Wastes


At the site of a remote dolmen in the lonesome fallen wastes of Bangkorai, Worm Cultists join to summon forth another daedric anchor. This deep into occupied territory it is somewhat of a surprise that this whole area is not already overrun with the filth of Oblivion, but like so many other dolmans all across Hammerfell, the Fighters Guild and divergent bands of adventures, blind to nation and alliance, are quick to rally to the thunderous clarion of the daedric horns and fight for Tamriel.


This particular dolmen sits between two large camps of the Seventh Legion’s occupation forces at the Old Tower and the Basking Grounds. Yet not a single legionnaire joins the battle to defend the Worm Cultists or the deadric horde breaching the rift against our canaille of defiance. Perhaps there is hope still that if and when the time comes and we are most in need, traitors like the Seventh Legion might yet choose to stand under Tamiel’s banner.



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