471. The winds of providence: part 1

The Dwarven city of Klathzgar, thought forever lost to the sands and forgot by all but the most sedulous of scholars. Yet the desert sands move much like the fates of men and mer, ever shifting and their drifts often guided solely by the the winds from Aetherius. And what was once thought lost is perhaps by providence found again. But unlike the lost cities of other civilizations that died hundreds of years gone by, Klathzgar breaths still.

As I enter the huge stone doorway my every sense tells me this subterranean compound is very much still alive. The clink and clank of metal upon metal, the grind of chain, the hiss of steam, and the roar of flame. As I wander the corridors of rock and iron, I feel the city’s heart beat vibrating beneath my feet, the air smells and tastes of earthy oils, and all the while I feel my every step is being watched by the many eyes of Klathzgar built into the walls, furnaces, pipes, and large machines of forgotten purpose.


But soon too I become aware of other things moving autonomously from the great Dwemer machines, and for a short time they seem content to watch me also…


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