472. The winds of providence: part 2


Automations still roam the mighty settlements of the Dwarves, but not just through the subterranean caverns and corridors, but also freely traversing through the pipes, walls, ceilings and floors. Dwarven centurions, spheres, and spiders work in harmony together with shared purpose to keep their city breathing, existing only to maintain their home and each other, and to keep uninvited guests like me out. Their solidarity would be the envy of every civic leader in Tamriel.

As I search deeper still, each machine seems to pause and consider before they inevitably attack, and I begin to wander if I might be the first being of flesh and blood these creatures of metal have seen in a millennia, but then I find the body of an Altmer, and quickly learn of his extraordinary search for a maidens soul that was never laid to rest…



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