473. The winds of providence: part 3


I delve ever deeper into the Dwarven city of Klathzgar as I follow in the footsteps of the dead Altmer Pelorrah. He himself was following the fate of Princess Urenenya who life ended a thousand years ago in this very city, but her story did not.



The fates of people shift like the desert sands, and it has ever been the fate of some to uncover lost treasures, and others to become buried alive. But for Princess Urenenya, her fate was for her life and beyond to be conducted by others doing what that they thought best for her. What played out was a most sorrowful concerto where the virtuoso never got to play her own melody.


Perhaps it was the winds of providence that did lead both Pelorrah and myself through the sands to this lost city of Klathzgar, so that the Princess’s soul may finally be laid to rest, and all Aetherius may finally hear her song.


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