477. A cut above


At the Qharroa ruins in Southern Bangkorai, the esteemed archaeologist Lady Clarisse Laurent conducts important research into the ancient Yokudan culture. Unfortunately for the brilliant Breton vile goblins have overrun one of her camps and monstrous gargoyles roam the rubble strewn grounds. But the Lady has worse news, her hapless assistant Sibbons has somehow managed to get himself solidified into solid rock during one of the Lady’s ingenious alchemical experiments.

The ever magnanimous Lady however appears to be blaming herself for his utterly inconsiderate condition, this is of course ridiculous and totally unacceptable. It does go to show once more however that there seems to be no limits to this Lady’s compassion. She is truly a cut above and no mistake.

I shall endeavour, under the Lady’s instructions, to return her dimwit to flesh and blood, though I don’t understand why she would want him back when she could have me attend her instead.


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