476. The Golden Oasis


The southern Bangkorai city of Hallin’s Stand glows aureately under the morning Hammerfell sun, or some might say the High Rock sun, for this glorious city has long been betwixt and between. Coveted not only for her beauty, but also the essential position she holds on the trade route between High Rock, Cyrodiil and the lands to the south.

But now all claims between Evermore and Sentinel upon the sandstone city are but nugatory, for a new suitor from the south has intruded under treacherous veil and now occupies her nub. Tharn’s Seventh Legion have taken the city, but the Imperial’s hold upon her is unsteady, for her civilians suffer, especially their purses, and Hallin’s Stand seems but a whisper away from insurrection.


For this city was made golden not only by the sun, nor by the taxes extracted from the caravans that stopped for essential water and rest, but also by it’s famed marketplace. Indeed, the very first thing you see when you arrive through the giant gates from the barren world without, is the huge market square filled with stalls covered in opulent bright cloths.

Before the arrival of the Imperials this was a thriving, bustling market where travellers would stock up before attempting to cross the desert north towards High Rock, or the barren lands east though Craglorn. Stalls selling everything from hard breads, shimmering jewels, shining armour, dried meats, pristine linens, and juicy figs all vied for the travellers coin. It is no wonder the city’s markets earned her the nickname, the Golden Oasis.

Now however only Imperial soldiers and beggars can be found wandering the empty stalls, and as the colours of the bright cloths slowly fades into the desert darkness, the oppressive silence that hangs heavy over the city like a thick blanket is finally broken… by a whisper.


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