479. The Imperial Legion at Razak’s Wheel


As her grip on Southern Bangkorai weakens more and more, it is perhaps a sign of desperation that Septima Tharn has sent such a large force into the ruins of Razak’s Wheel to chase what may be little more then myth or legend. Led by the experienced Major Cirna, other notable Imperials I encounter in the ancient city include the Spymaster Geta, the Archivist’s Poneria and Sanctius, and the seasoned Centurion Solinthia.


Whilst the Imperial presence is indeed strong, it has need to be, for Razak’s Dwarven constructs are proving to be uncommonly aggressive and robust.

The Imperial squads I encounter in the tunnels and halls are the expected mix of scouts, legionnaires, batllemages, and the odd necromancer. But what I don’t meet in these dark and murky ruins are any daedra. I witnessed first hand at the Bangkorai Garrison the Seventh Legion’s nefarious pact with Molag Bal, where banekin and daedroth made up their final line of defence. So given the obvious importance Tharn has placed in this venture, where are they now?


Perhaps it is that the daedra proved just too difficult to control in the tight confines of an underground city, even for the Legion’s battlemages. Maybe even this most corrupted of Legions have lost faith in their demonic allies.

Or perhaps the daedra just don’t cut the rustic mustard when it comes to battling Dwarven constructs. For much of the daedra’s power against mortals comes from the fear and dread that their outworldly and unhallowed appearance incites. Indeed most men and mer will either cower or flee when faced with the horror of these creatures of their nightmares. Yet Dwemer constructs know not the meaning of fear, anxiety, or indeed emotions of any kind. They have no imagination, so they do not dream. One might even go as far as to speculate that it might be in fact the daedra who fear the emotionless constructs of the Dwemer; for what unsettles a bully more then the bold and the dauntless?


Moreover, could it possibly be that the Gods themselves were in such fear of what these Mer had created, or had the potential to create, that it eventually led to the Dwemer’s sudden, inexplicable disappearance from Nirn?

Perhaps I should leave such whimsical conjectures to the scholars, for I suspect that before we finally catch up with Septima Tharn, I have not seen the last of the daedra in Bangkorai.


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