482. Onsi’s Breath


One of the largest and most feracious mines in all of Hammerfell, the yield of Onsi’s Breath is said to have kept the Redguard of Bangkorai armed and armoured for generations. Named after the Yokudan warrior god who was said to have taught the Ra Gada how to turn their knives into swords, rather curiously it was up until recently run by a Nord.

Now however it is under the control of soldiers from the Seventh Legion. Without the numbers or knowledge to work the mine themselves, the Imperials have began press-ganging unfortunate locals and wayfarers on the southern roads, and forcing the aforementioned foreman to keep the mine running for them.

Liberating the mine would certainly further blunt Septima Tharn’s Bangkorai ambitions, but perhaps more importantly, it would also ensure that in our final push against the Seventh Legion we aren’t caught in the barbed maw of a duneripper between two camps of Imperials at Onsi’s Breath and the Hall of Heroes.


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