482. The autonomous automaton


They say invention is the art of creating order out of chaos, I am pretty certain however that if Razak’s final invention is discovered to have worked, then it can only mean more chaos for Tamriel. The risks of liberating their constructs from the boundaries of their own cities was obviously recognized by the Dwemer themselves, for the final piece, or at least the means to forge it, was hidden so deep within a locked and heavily guarded vault.

I do wish Neramo were here, he at least would make an argument as to a positive application for Razak’s invention, because even in a land whose culture has been so sculptured by magic, our progressive development is vitally dependent upon our physical invention and creativity.

However, whatever Razak’s original intent, since escaping Coldharbour I have witnessed necromancers corrupting the bodies of saints, Hagraven’s corrupting flowers, and daedic cultists corrupting the very dreams of men and mer. And I remember that at Carzog’s Demise on the Isle of Betnikh, there were some too who made the argument that the Aylied Relic could be employed for good.

So when asked if Razak’s invention worked I shall inevitably answer alas… and hope that nobody notices the small inconspicuous metallic creature that has been following me ever since I left the delve known as Razak’s Wheel.



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