481. How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge


As I enter a large chamber deep in the heart of the Razak’s Wheel delve, I am almost overwhelmed by the sickly stench of decaying flesh. I discover the festering body of a flesh atronach laying prone upon a raised platform, surrounded by a guard of dwemer constructs.


As I tried to work out whether the constructs were protecting the atronach from something, or something from the atronach, the machines began to attack. I had the rather macabre notion that perhaps the atronach was in-fact the machines attempts to create mortal life, in much the same way that mortals had once created them. But that unsavoury thought was soon enough dispelled when, as the last of the guardians fell to my blade, an Imperial necromancer appeared out of nowhere and quickly began to awaken her creation by her insidious dark arts.

It is most likely that the constructs had come across the necromancer and her abomination before she had the chance to finish its creation, and so she had retreated to the shadows to await an allies aid. Unfortunately that ally turned out to be me.


One final thought crossed my mind before my battle with the necromancer and her monster was done. Whilst traversing these ruins I saw no evidence that any other explorers had made it this deep into Razak’s Wheel besides myself and members of the Seventh Legion. That could only mean that this atronach was created from the body parts of her own comrades.

The flesh atronach may be a repugnant creature, but the necromancer that created it is without question the true monster.


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