486. Trials and tribulations


The Keeper at the temple of the Hall of Heroes in Bangkorai believes the Magus-General Septima Tharn has taken her prisoner into the forbidden Chamber of Passage, a mystical gateway to the Far Shores. Only by winning the approval of the legionary warriors buried within the crypts can I gain entry into the Chamber and attempt to thwart whatever Tharn’s insidious ploy.

If attempting to impress such noble yet pompous champions wasn’t challenge enough however, the temple is overrun with soldiers of the Seventh legion and their daedric allies.


By far the worst of these are the giant Harvesters. These minions of Molag Bal are thought to be highly adept at both illusion and conjuration spells. I cannot judge their aptitude for one particular school of magic or another, but I know these serpentine creatures make deadly adversaries. I have witnessed these demons rip the very lifeblood from the bodies of their victims into floating opaque orbs which they absorb vampiric-like to restore their own vitality.


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