489. The destruction of the Abbey of Blades

Screenshot_20200713_201715I make my way back to the Harborage from Bangkorai in answer to the old man’s call, the Redguard Sai Sahan has recovered from his ordeals in the dread Halls of Torment, and is ready to reclaim the Amulet of Kings from the ruins of Sancre Tor. First however we must travel to the Valley of the Blades deep within the Dragontail Mountains, where he left a mystical key to the ruined city in the safekeeping of his old mentor Kasura.



We arrive at the Abbey where generations of Redguard Sword-Singers have learnt their art, only to find a scene of devastation. The Abbey is in wreck and flames, and the charred bodies of its young students lie all about. Worm cultists arrived before us and opened rifts to Oblivion through which the scourge of Coldharbour flooded the Valley.

Together we beat back the remaining daedric minions and closed the rifts, but just as we thought we had achieved the daedra, the monstrous shadow of a huge titan falls upon us.



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