494. The Stirk incident


It was from the Isle of Stirk in the Abecean Sea that some twelve hundred years ago the All Flags Navy set sail to Thras to end the Sload threat to Tamriel. So what better place now for the grand leaders of Tamriel to meet and discuss a possible counter-invasion of Coldharbour.


Alas however the negotiations fail, for no side is willing to commit troops to the cause thus weakening their forces in the Three Banners war. What use will be a Ruby throne when they are kneeling to Molag Bal?


The ‘neutral’ Guild leaders offer a compromise, yet before agreements can be secured, the skies darken and amidst the taunts and threats of the Lord of Brutality, a storm of daedra breaks upon the isle, and the leaders of Tamriel find themselves fighting for their very lives. 


Perhaps it is that the leaders might have agreed to the guilds proposal before the daedra attack, but I’d like to think it will make for a far better bards tale if it were Molag Bal’s surprise attack that finally swayed the argument.



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