495. A treasonous supposition


The lead up to the All Banners negotiations on the Isle of Stirk was my first opportunity to meet with all three of the Alliance leaders; if one doesn’t include the twisted play of the Mad God’s imagination. Whilst King Emeric’s political acumen is arguably unrivalled, and the uncompromising Skald-King was as imposing in personality as he is in stature, it was Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion who impressed me the most. Her equanimous demeanour belies her youth, whilst her voice, as warm as early spring, spoke with civility, dignity, and prudence throughout. No human would ever wish to live again under an empire run by Elves, yet I have to admit, of the three leaders I believe that perhaps Queen Ayrenn would sit most comfortably atop the Ruby Throne.


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