499. The Library of Dusk


There is no greater place in all Tamriel to shelter from the rain then in a library. They are full of small windows through which we can see glimpses into other lives, and other experiences. They are archives of dreams, where we can share the hopes, and hearts of all men and mer, no matter politics or religion. We may sit in our local libraries and yet at the same time be in any quarter of Nirn or beyond. They are temples for our minds, taverns for our souls; and they can be anything that we can imagine.


Yet perhaps only in Coldharbour can be found a library turned into a prison.


Members from the mages guild expedition have been locked in the Library of Dusk by Dremora, held not by lock and key, but by spell and glamour. It is whilst here that I discover the famed Telenger the Artificer’s reputation for brutish brilliance is precisely as I read it to be. But more importantly, we also discover one of the fabled Lights of Merida; a source of power which the daedric prince used to push her city into the eternal crepuscule of Coldharbour.



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