500. The Haj Uxith dilemma


There are some choices you have to make where there seems no right option, you just have to choose which choice feels the least wrong. For the Argonian village of Haj Uxith, it was their Hist Tree that made the most raw and uncomfortable of choices in making a bargain with the Lord of Brutality to save its tribe.


Now stranded in this land of eternal shadows, with their Hist Tree poisoned by the noxious Coldharbour environment, and kept weak by the Daedra harvesting its sap for insidious purpose, it is time for the tribe to reciprocate, and make the right choice for their Hist.


To say you cannot choose, or you have no choice is but to relieve yourself of responsibility, and as the Argonian proverb says, ‘You cannot cross the swamp merely by standing and staring into its waters.’ Yet this tribe finds itself so ideologically split that it cannot make the choice it needs to.

Would that I could walk away and leave them to make this choice themselves, but in doing so I would only in fact be making that choice for them, for they would be bound to accept their situation. So swiftly and without procrastination I make their choice, and hope that it may be the least wrong.


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