509. The Forsaken Village

509 (a). The Forsaken Village

Deep within Coldharbour’s Shrouded Plains I come across the ruins of a Tamrielic village. I can find no signs, or banners to indicate from where this village originally came, what it was called, or indeed anything of the people who once called this place home. The style of the odd intact window here and there however suggests that this may have once been a Colovian settlement.

509 (b). The Forsaken Village

It’s only occupants now are a small band of Dremora who seem to find this bleak desolation to their liking. I discover roaming in the wastes nearby more familiar beasts in the form of an Ice Wreath and a giant Troll. Perhaps these creatures, or their forebears, were inadvertently dragged into this vile realm when the village was abducted from Tamriel. If that was the case then their presence might suggest that the village was from the northern territories of Cyrodiil, perhaps from the foothills of the Jerall mountains bordering Skyrim.

509 (e). The Forsaken Village

Alas that this is little more then a game of speculation, for like many of the inhabitants of Coldharbour’s Shrouded Plains, this forsaken village is just another piece of Tamriel whose history and legacy are now forever lost to the avarice of Oblivion.


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