510. The Ruins of Aba-Loria

510 (a). The Ruins of Aba-Loria

In a hidden subterranean ruin deep in the bleak of Western Coldharbour I discover members of the Worm Cult laboriously searching through the debris. These ruins are thought to have been the very crypts of Abagarlas, once the bastion of Molag Bal worshippers in Merithic era Cyrodiil.

It was perhaps naive of me to hope that with the lose of their founder, that vile thief Mannimarco, the Order of the Black Worm might crumble and ne’er be heard from again. Recent reports from home read that they still occupy the Arcane University and hold Clivia Tharn under their sway, whilst their necromancers continue to torment the provinces of Tamriel.

510 (d). The Ruins of Aba-Loria

What this Altmer Cirterisse and her subordinates are searching for is unclear. I wonder, are they still holding loyal in enterprise to their former ally Molag Bal, or are they here without the Lord of Brutality’s knowledge?

510 (g). The Ruins of Aba-Loria

Perhaps they already search for a way to liberate their wretched King from whatever damnation he has been sentenced to. Their yearning for somebody with zeal and ambition to save them doesn’t simply go away. For what are cults truly but desperate people huddling together out of fear of nothingness. 

510 (j). The Ruins of Aba-Loria


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