514. The Court of Contempt

514 (a). The Court of Contempt

514 (b). The Court of Contempt

‘Judgement delivered in anger is almost always unjust’. Few exemplify that saying more then the ever irascible Judge Xiven at the daedric Court of Contempt, who condemned a group mortal mages captured by his daedra even before their trial commenced. Yet as fraudulent as this daedric trial is, even an honest court would have difficulty in raising a defence for the mages, for they did indeed invade this realm with pernicious intent.

514 (e). The Court of Contempt

We are however at war and with the aid of the Dunmer conjurer Malkur Valos, who himself is no stranger to the daedric brand of justice having been raised on the Shivering Isles, we must attempt to free the mortal prisoners.

514 (f). The Court of Contempt

People generally have two reactions to guilt, it either drowns them in self pity and regret, or it ignites their spirit with fiery indignation and purpose. I pray the guilty mages react with the latter, for if they are to escape their convictions, then they are going to have to fight for their lives.

514 (i). The Court of Contempt

And in our escape, to prevent further injustice we should tear this mockery of a court down, for one day the innocent may be held guilty for the good they did not do.

514 (j). The Court of Contempt


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