515. Hunters turned prey

515 (a). Hunters turned prey

In the wilds of Coldharbour freedom is nowt but the distance between hunter and prey. For when the Soul Shriven become too tired to work, or their minds weaken till they turn into feral brute, they are released into the wilds to become no more then sport for the Dremora. It is here in the Cave of Trophies that the hunters return to boast of their ‘heroic exploits’.

515 (d). Hunters turned prey

It is little more sport then hunting skeevers through the crags of Rivenspire, but it enough to feed the Dremora’s atavistic conceit that there is nothing more lethal in this realm but them.

515 (g). Hunters turned prey

What better way to remedy vainglory then by a hunt through these very caverns and then perhaps display some trophies of my own.

515 (j). Hunters turned prey


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