535. The Risen Court

535 (a). The Risen Court

To the north-west of the Orchard cemetery I discover crumbling ruins reminiscent of the architecture I found all across the arid wastes of the Alik’r. They stand in startling contrast to the tall manor walls to the west which appear untouched by time or clime. This otherwise barren region is know as the Risen Court.

535 (b). The Risen Court

Perhaps it gained its name because it is where the infamous Dramoran necromancer Brolsgerbwd, practises her art. One wonders how much more practice an immortal actually needs to perfect any study. In truth there is a limit to what any creature can remember, and all schools of magic are thought too broad for even an immortal being to truly master.

535 (e). The Risen Court

I have also heard it claimed however that the daedra’s lack of creativity may affect their ability to learn what is after all considered an art. The theory being that a daedra’s knowledge of art comes and goes like a mortals dream. Upon awake it feels as fresh as any memory we have, by breakfast we can recall but its final moments, and by lunch we have forgotten we had a dream at all.

Nowt but theory and speculation of course, but if such condescending propaganda serves to abrade the daedra, then I shall gladly propagate it all the more.

535 (h). The Risen Court


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