536. Illusion exposes illusion

536 (a). Illusion exposes illusion

The Manor of Revelry, yet another forgery of Tamriel in Coldharbour. This counterfeit of Hammerfell is certainly a powerful illusion, and one wonders if seen through would we stand but in the same crumbling ruins as we saw beyond the high walls in the Risen Court.

536 (d). Illusion exposes illusion

Another deceit I discover in this accursed illusion is that acted out by that duplicitous wretch Stibbons. The hapless manservant of the noble Lady Clarisse Laurent has time and again played pitiful victim to both mistreatment and circumstance. Only it is here in Coldharbour that we discover the naked truth behind his mendacity. Without his meritorious mistress here to lay blame upon, the reckless fool has managed put himself in the most ridiculous situations. First almost consummated to a daedra at the Spurned Peak, and now almost consumed at the Manor of Revelry. It is clear to me now that it has been Stibbons own fault all along.

536 (g). Illusion exposes illusion

I do not know as yet whether his shameful put-on was born from simple dimwitted horkerery, or some insidious motive to undermine the most illustrious Lady’s repute. What I do know is that we need to escape this illusion before dinnertime.

One wonders at the elaboration of such a scheme as this, why did the three sisters not just lock their intended victims in a cage and have done with it?  My only guess is that like the farmer who first fattens and then lets their pigs romp freely in the mud; it is the happy sow that tastes the sweetest.


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