537. VoM1 – The Twin Towers

537 (a). VoM1 - The Twin Towers

What has one without a soul left to fear?

537 (b). VoM1 - The Twin Towers

The further north through Coldharbour I travelled the more I became aware of the shadow cast by the twin towers upon the brooding horizon. I find that I am both drawn and repelled, there is a fine line I think between stirring fear and paralysing dread. I arrive at the macabre doorway but do not linger long upon its doorstep, for surely what awaits inside cannot be as frightful as those ghastly gates.

537 (c). VoM1 - The Twin Towers

Poor logic is born of fear, for the first thing I find upon entering is a long corridor built with a thousand skulls crammed into its columns. But it is the crimson eyes shining at the corridors end that fixate me, and I am pulled towards them, only to discover what looks like heavy chests.

537 (d). VoM1 - The Twin Towers

Is this really all this place is, nowt but a dremoran treasure vault, a repository, an armoury perhaps? I am compelled to discover what these large chests hold, yet as I get close the ground beneath me gives way and I drop into darkness.

537 (h). VoM1 - The Twin Towers

Thankfully the fall is not far enough to break anything, but still it is too deep to climb back out of. It appears my only possible course is to follow the corridor downwards further into the dark. Soon however I arrive at a familiar looking iron gate; the last time I saw a gate like this… Of course I should have known, this indeed is what every building in this accursed realm is, and the one thing that one without a soul has left to fear… a prison.


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