543. The Lost Fleet

543 (a). The Lost Fleet

It was one of Tamriel’s most infamous of maritime mysteries. What became of the lost ships of the All Flags Navy? If they had simply sunk to the bottom of the Sea of Pearls surely there would have been flotsam and debris?

543 (b). The Lost Fleet

Late in the 1st era a united armada of men and mer set sail upon Thrais to wreck Tamriel’s vengeance upon the Sload in retaliation for the Thrassian Plague which decimated the population of the continent. For over two days the fleet battled through fierce storms and dense fog before finally reaching the Isles. Upon launching their invasion however the island itself, like great lost Yokuda before it, began to fracture and sink creating a colossal whirlpool which devoured almost half the fleet.

Now here in this most dread azure realm of Oblivion do we finally discover their fate. The broken fleet lies stranded upon this barren waste, their crew like their vessels now but skeletons. The insidious Father of Coldharbour, ever seeking to influence mortals be them live or dead, forged a deal with an ambitious captain to turn the crew into an undead army.

543 (f). The Lost Fleet

Now that captain is now an admiral with a crown of bones. As more ships fell, the Lost Fleet and his army grew. The ever more ambitious Admiral is forcing the skeletons to build a coral tower to reach the whirlpool in the sky from which the ships fell. It is a most improbable ambition, but then this is a most improbable realm, where I have seen the most improbable of things. This Admiral cannot be allowed to return with his undead army to Tamriel.

The only question is do we destroy the crown and release the skeletons from their bondage, or do we simply swap one king for another and use this army against the God of Schemes. Either way all souls in Coldharbour belong to the brutal Prince, their fate I fear is anchored.


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