544. Whimsical speculation in the Wailing Maw

544 (a). Whimsical speculation in the Wailing Maw

To the north-east of the stranded Lost Fleet can be found the Wailing Maw, subterranean caverns where the Dremora work tirelessly researching new ways to make abased use of the one resource Coldharbour seems to have in abundance, soul gems.

It is not surprising though that it was mortals who first discovered the questionable practice of bounding the souls of creatures into gems in order to enchant their weapons and armour. The daedra of course are believed incapable of inventing or creating anything, their architecture for instance is either corrupt imitation, or simply stolen.

544 (d). Whimsical speculation in the Wailing Maw

So it makes me wonder if not the daedra themselves, then who designed the great machinery that drives Molag Bal’s insidious Planemeld? I have heard some in this realm attribute their design to that Lich genius, The Mad Architect. Perhaps it is so. But then I have also heard others speculate that such mechanic ingenuity of this magnitude has only previously been found within the cities of the long lost Dwemer.

544 (e). Whimsical speculation in the Wailing Maw

Of course I am not postulating that Molag Bal could possibly have had anything to do with that civilizations sudden and still unexplained disappearance so long ago. Its just that the last King of the Ayleids walks this very realm today, and indeed that eccentric knight Cadwell, just how long has he been wandering this accursed land that he has become so attuned to it that he can now seemingly port himself from one end to the other. Is it then such a preposterous notion that though some insidious pact the Prince of Bargains might have a Dwemer or two bound to him in eternal servitude?

Nowt but whimsical speculation and conjecture of course. All I do know for certain is that the more I can disrupt the Dremoran’s wicked research here in the Wailing Maw, the better for us should our true purpose fail.

544 (h). Whimsical speculation in the Wailing Maw


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