545. Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel

545 (a). Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel

Our motley coalition of man, mer and beast are ready to push on towards our final purpose, but standing obstinately in our path are the ominous walls of the Reaver Citadel, the dread keep of the Deathbringer Clan.

A frontal assault upon the Citadel is too far beyond us, we would be crushed like the Gray Host upon the great gates of Bangkorai. The renowned Ayleid strategist King Laloriaran Dynar however has devised a plan, but to achieve it somehow I will have to infiltrate the fort and reach the Fighters Guild building within. Once again it seems I shall need to put my trust in the enigmatic Dremora Lyranth, but this time I am not just trusting my fate to her, but perhaps the fate of all of Tamriel.

For some veiled reason Lyranth seems to need me to infiltrate this citadel just as much as I do. Galerion would not be happy to know that I am putting such faith in this monster, but I’ve found that there is rarely a difference in motive between a martyr and a terrorist. The affairs of this realm are no more or less deceitful then those of Tamriel. It is the fool who toils in deference to others rather for their own desires or needs, and I am putting my faith in a monster, not a fool.

Besides, the only true way to discover if you can trust someone, is to trust them. Tamriel is a land built upon Alliances, Pacts, and Covenants, its people have learnt the only way to survive is to put trust and faith in those you at one time or another called ‘my enemy’.

545 (j). Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel


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