546. Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel – part two

Now that the warriors of the Fighters Guild have successfully infiltrated the keep through the tunnels beneath the guildhall, it is time to implement the second stage of King Dynar’s plan. We must push our way into the upper Citadel to open the portals for Galerion and his mages to join the fray.

The Mages guildhall is however heavily guarded by both Dremora and ancient spell wards. Thankfully with the support of the fighter’s blades and arrows we can now engage the Dremora head on.

546 (g). Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel - part two

I know who I am and what I am capable of. I am a soldier, a warrior, someone who faces his fears in the light, not shirks from them in the shadows. Yet like every soldier I foster no fondness for conflict, it is as I am,  but a hammer with which to build peace.


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